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Mattress too hot how to fix it

Is your mattress too warm and you wonder why? Maybe it's the memory or the latex or maybe the fault of the coatings? The memory mattress keeps you warm more than other mattresses, but other advanced foams are also modeled by exploiting our heat, which, if it is kept and not eliminated from our mattress, gets unbearably hot. How can I run for cover and remedy the hot mattress?

In addition to using recent cotton sheets, which therefore maintain a dense breathable weave, use a specific fresh mattress cover, a cotton topper, or a padded cotton mattress cover.


Thermoregulating mattress cover;

Padded mattress cover;

Cotton topper minimum height 8 cm

mattress too hot how do I fix it

Cool the mattress

If you don't intend to change the mattress, these remedies against a hot mattress will improve your nights, because many people have already proven their effectiveness in cooling, or rather lowering the temperature of the mattress, through thermoregulation, so here are the three best mattress covers against the heating mattress:

Outlast Igloo Topper;

Cooler mattress cover

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The mattress gets warm, how to do it

Reducing the stagnation of heat by making it flow out is the objective, favoring the recirculation of the air while maintaining the ideal microclimate, the mattress will maintain the temperature of our body, without heating up. We do this with a technical mattress protector, Outlast or Cooler, for example.

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Il materasso troppo caldo può dipendere dal letto contenitore? Ho un memory e un letto contenitore ma soffro molto la notte, mi fa sudare
Franco 2023-03-15
Ho provato il coprimaterasso che consigliate, effettivamente funziona, molto meglio di prima
Alessio 2023-03-29
Ho provato il coprimaterasso rinfrescante sul mio materasso memory, all'inizio molto fresco, soprattutto all'inizio della notte, poi si attenua l'effetto un po', non si scalda co.e prima, quindi tutto sommato il suo lavoro lo fa, meglio dei coprimaterassi in cotone sicuramente.
Katia 2023-04-30

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