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the reliability of the neighborhood store is today available throughout Europe!

In the early 60s we began our history in Rome. Once upon a time the wool mattress…

Not long ago, especially in Italy, the mattress was only made with wool inside a cotton cover, with the option of summer vegetable hair or animal hair (horse hair). With a manual carder we were used to card the wool to make it very soft to feel the mattress and pillow ticking.

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Today we still produce our Handmade products such as mattresses, mattress covers and pillows with natural materials, with the same care of yesterday.

With the same care as yesterday, we find the best solution for you among the various possible options today for pillows, mattresses, covers and Top Pillows: latex, memory foam, waterlily, pocket springs ...


Distribution throughout Europe CE and extra CE.

Mission: Migliormaterasso.it provides a description of all types of mattresses on the market, with objective assessments about the quality of materials by analyzing pros and cons to guide you in choosing your mattress and pillow, which largely determine your health for at least the next 10 years. Our opinion impartially and without any conditions, our experience and availability in helping you to find a good mattress in the forest offers, collaboration with medical specialists of rest and TV and radio broadcasts directed at the wheel to the consumer, has meant that today Migliormaterasso.it is a reference point for thousands of people who every day try to make purchasing your mattress an investment on their own health. The high number of visits would enable us to profit through ads or other forms of advertising, but we believe that the consent obtained from your visits and various manifestations of appreciation are due to our own impartiality.

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