anti Dustmite pillows

Dustmite allergen cuases rhinitis, eczema and asthma. Humid areas with dead skin scales is the natural habitat for dustmites, because they have food and the right envirovment, whare they can thrive.

Dustmite hypoallergenic Pillows

Natural-fill or Synthetic pillows are not necessarly different for anti-allergy purpose, but usually syntethic pillows can be washed at high temperature, dustmites can be killed and their allergen denatured when bedding is washed at temperatures of 60°C. It is essential, therefore, that any pillows can endure repeated washing at this temperature or higher.

Acar-zero Bed antiacaro Acar-zero Bed antiacaro 2
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Simmons mattresses

Acar-zero Home

Simmons Materassi
cover for pillows

Amicor pillow cover

Niucci Italia
Amicor pillow cover hypoallergenic
Cuscino fibra Comforel Cuscino fibra Comforel 2
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anti Dustmite pillows

100% cotton Pillow

Demaflex Italia
100% natural Cotton Pillow Cotton cover hypoallergenic, filled with cotton 1 kg
anti Dustmite pillows

pillow dust mite stop

Niucci Italia
€18.93 €27.05
Preventing Dust Mite Pillow Hypoallergenic fiber inside with external cotton cover
Baby anti-mite pillow Baby anti-mite pillow 2
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pillows for baby

Baby anti-mite pillow

Velfont Rivenditore Roma
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anti dust-mite pillow Anti dust-mite pillow for baby 1-5 year.
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