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Things to know before buying the mattress

Choosing the right mattress is considered a complicated matter, at least for those who understand its importance. We always start from the type of mattress, materials and price, leaving out other basic and essential aspects. Here are some tips to keep in mind when tackling the purchase of a new mattress:

Bed and base


Mattress height;


tips for choosing the mattress

What kind of bed do I own

The type of bed or mattress base is crucial. A Sommier with a wooden platform will give a different support than a flexible slatted base, providing the mattress with a linear and non-deformable support, rather than elastic and performing, as the wooden slats would do. If the mattress base is rigid, the mattress must be more elastic and highly adaptive, as the ergonomic aspect is totally delegated to the mattress. Remember that the rigid base will put more stress on the mattress, which will require more attention. Rotate him head/toe often. See more information on the mattress maintenance page.

Mattress measures

It is the main cause of mattress returns. One customer out of two ignores or confuses the measurements of their mattress, ignores their importance, often believes that "double" means everything, but there are dozens of intermediate sizes, with deviations of 5 cm. What to do then? Measure the base, not the mattress, but the base, from the metal edge (in slatted bases) width and length. After taking the measurements of the base, check with the dealer. Consult the page dedicated to information on mattress sizes.

Mattress thermoregulation

Especially when we buy the mattress in the winter, we don't consider the risk of buying a too warm mattress. Non-breathable materials retain heat and return it, creating an unsustainable climate. Ask specific questions, choose fresh and good quality materials.

Choosing the best mattress

The reviews of the mattresses are insignificant, I'm not saying they are false, but people's needs are different, and the reviews are written hot, we don't have the opportunity to read reviews after 3 months, 1 year, 5 years of using the mattress. Read them, but that they are not a beacon in guiding your choice.

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