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Top cushion of wool and cotton lining heart damask double twisted, mattress liner pearl gray cotton, wool carded British (photo made in the laboratories of Miglior Materasso Srl pictures copyright)

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tel. 06/6282336

Since 1961 our company operates in the industry, in its laboratories in Rome open to the public, choosing damask fabrics in 100% cotton double twisted produced in Italy and the best wool (merino wool and English Refino wool).
Despite the wide choice of mattresses made of innovative materials such as Memory, latex, pocket springs, etc. we continue to execute wool mattresses today as 100 years ago (at the beginning only in housework). We do it for the love of our origins but also because today you are still many who prefer the wool mattress for your bed.
How does it work? We pick up and deliver the same day (if in Rome, all areas are served, but when and how to be agreed), we make the carding of wool and dust extraction, scouring (on request), washing lining, anti-mite treatment sanitizing.
By choice we work the mattresses of one customer per day, guaranteeing hygiene and efficiency.
Mattresses in wool
Why still so many to choose the site in wool mattress? Only if you have a wool mattress you can say you know for sure what you're sleeping. Completely natural and organic, cotton and wool that covers the inside, 100% biodegradable. Many orthopedic consider it the most ergonomic, also is breathable and insulating. To maintain these properties at least, carding wool and changing or washing the outer cover is necessary to do it again every two / three years. And 'possible to treat the wool with an anti-mite product, with totally natural active ingredient (contact us for more information).
info and appointments: tel. 06/6282336

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