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anti Dustmite pillows

100% cotton Pillow

Demaflex Italia
100% natural Cotton Pillow Cotton cover hypoallergenic, filled with cotton 1 kg
Aerelle Pillow Aerelle Pillow 2
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Hypoallergenic pillows

Aerelle Pillow

Demaflex Italia
€31.97 €42.62
Plastikbank project pillow.
Cuscino fibra Comforel Cuscino fibra Comforel 2
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Hypoallergenic pillows

Comforel Pillow Fiber

Demaflex Italia
€29.51 €36.89
Hypoallergenic Pillow Dacron Comforel Washable pillow Fiber Comforel Dustmite allergen, found within dustmite droppings, is one of the most common triggers for asthma, eczema and rhinitis. This pillow is very comfortable, with down pillow effect, but synthetic-filled, so it is an hypoallergenic pillow.
Cover Mattresses

Cooler mattress cover cooler

Demaflex Italia
€84.25 €120.36
2 Reviews
Velfont Outlast a mattress cover never hot or cold. A temperature controller for your mattress   Outlast the original  cover for mattresses too hot
cradle pillow baby cradle pillow baby 2
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pillows for baby

cradle pillow baby

Demaflex Italia
€6.89 €11.48
Cuscino Memory PE11 Cuscino Memory PE11 2
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Cervical pillows

Cuscino Memory PE11

Demaflex Italia
€58.28 €64.75
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Seacell Memory foam Pillow

down pillow 100%

Demaflex Italia
€55.33 €61.48
 White goose down pillow 100% goose down pillow, soft and natural.
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