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Vacuum mattresses Magniflex Memory Memory in high-density foam supports with Allergy-tested certificates


Best selection of Mattresses by Magniflex, the best Memory Foam Italian mattresses, such as Magniflex Magnistretch, or the cool mattress Magniflex Magnigel, Virtuoso, Impero, Da Vinci, Supremo, Armonia, Toscana, Dolce Vita, Classico, Memorabile, Ricordo, Stiloso, Leggenda, Linea Baby mattresses


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Magniflex Magnigel Dual 10 Memory foam and fresh gel The best Magniflex Mattress gel and Memory foam.

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Magniflex Magnistretch 9new Magniflex Mattress Next-generation memory Mattress can stretch and lengthen the spine while you sleep. Magniflex Magnistrech is a mattress that gives benefits to your back unparalleled by other Memory mattresses. Magnistretch 9 - high 23 cm

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